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Get to know the old shop
  Compass was widely used to determine the orientation in the areas of navigation, aviation, reconnaissance, exploratin, traveling and military affairs during the ancient time in China. It was popular used to determine the directions and location of civilian house. Sundial is an apparatus used especially in former times, which shows the time according to where the shadow of a pointer falls in the sun and the moon. Both are the outstanding inventions. The pointer of the compass is one of the fourth greatest inventions in the ancient China.
  “Wu Lu Heng” compass shop is located in Wanan Town, Xiuning County of Anhui Province. The owner of the compass shop, Mr. Wu Shuisen is the 7th generation of the compass master Mr Wu Lu Heng. Mr Wu Lu Heng who was born in 1702 and died in 1760, was a well-known famous historical figuer in Huizhou history for his magnificent skills in compass making. During his life he invented a series of compass products with the brand of “ Wu Lu Heng” and opened a compass shop named after himself in Wanan Town. The Wu family has kept this brand “Wu Lu Heng for more than 300 years. Now the compass products has passed to Mr. Wu Shuisen and have been showing their glory in this age.
  Mr Wu Shuisen has brought some innovation to the splendid traditional products. Now the “Wu Lu Heng” compass produced by him are well sold in home and abroad. They are especially popular in Singapore, Japan, America and Taiwan. The compass is made of two rare plants- Hugu wood and gingkgo. There are 8 manual procedures of compass making: select the best material, shape the material into a circle, circle the center, draw all the fine lines, paint the compass, put the pointer and packing. In order to get a magnetic pointer, Mr Wu Shuisen use the natural magnet for magnetism. Greatively, Mr Shuisen has combined the traditional compass products with calligraphy, art and carving. This innovation has enabled the compass to bear more chinese culture and become unique as well.
  Presently, several series of compass with different specifications are available in the shop: San He compass, San Yuan compass and Zong He compass. For Sundial, there are the horizon type and equatortype. There are more than 20 series products for decoration among which the Lotus Eight Diagrams and Two Dragon compass are regarded as the best souvenir. Please contact us for purchasing. The telephone number is 00865597522666、008613905593086.
Company`s name: Wan`an xiuning conntry Wu Luheng compass rose century-old store Co. Ltd.
Adress: No.70 Zhenshang Road, wan`an Town, Xiuning Country, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China 245461

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